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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Links I'm Lovin'

This is a short list of sites that I’m loving right now…

Egullet – This is a food forum/discussion board similar to chowhound, but my preference between the two. I have not had the chance to explore much beyond the New York forum, so I’ll let you take your chances there. The New York board is filled with regulars who appear to have varying levels of knowledge. Their clear leader is “Fat Guy.” His lengthy posts, which are usually informative, result in a whole thread of gushing responses from his many admirers. There are so many threads that there are of course, some winners and some losers. The recent coverage of the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party was extensive (you can also check out pics of Fat Guy there), lots of pictures, reviews, and advice. There are also countless restaurant threads often sparked by the New York Times weekly reviews.

Andrea Strong – Strong has written for a variety of publications, all of her work is posted on the site. I enjoy the site for her weekly “Strong Buzz.” The SB reports the word on the street for the New York restaurant scene. She tends to be a bit swept away by the “it” scenes at times. However, I do enjoy the reviews and news that comprise the majority of the weekly piece.

WalkerNewYork: Eats – This is one New Yorker’s blog on all things food (sound familiar). She is another amateur food lover out to document her experience. Her honest style is refreshing (she talks about having oatmeal for dinner). She sounds like a more seasoned chef than I, but not too much so. Mostly, I like this blog, because it reminds me of me…maybe I should move on.

Leite’s Culinaria – The site started as an online portfolio for David Leite to display his various writings. It has turned into one of my favorite recipe sites. They have a staff of volunteer testers (including myself), who try out recipes and report back. The recipes on the site with “taster’s choice” have been singled out as the best of the lot. The food writing is also interesting. There is a funny article about being a “Pan Snob” and tale of his love affair with a Viking stove.


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