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Friday, August 05, 2005

Jing Fong

After trying Ping's Seafood and the Golden Unicorn, I was still looking for more out of my NYC dim sum experience. Ping’s is too cramped, and although the quality is good, variety is limited. The Golden Unicorn, on the other hand, is spread out with many more carts whizzing around, but a few of my favorite fried items were soggy and extremely greasy - yuck. That leads us to our latest tale of NYC Chinatown dim sum, this time, a la Jing Fong. We went there a couple times in my ninth month of pregnancy and have been back with baby in tow to make sure it wasn’t just my pregnancy taste buds that were pleased. I have to say, Jing Fong has risen above the others and proven to be the best so far.

The set up consists of a large banquet hall dressed with your typical Chinese restaurant décor that you access via escalator. The space is bigger in size compared to one of the floors at Golden Unicorn. Most of the tables are big, so if you’re with a small party, you’ll probably be sharing your table. It has a more hectic atmosphere compared to Golden Unicorn. I think that’s because there are even more carts circling the room, and some of the items are prepared and served at banquet tables along one wall, getting people out of their seats to get food. Plus, there seems to be more of a vigilante spirit in the clientele who frequently jump up to chase down desired carts.

This was the first place in NYC where I could have all my favorites in one sitting –Chinese broccoli, sticky fried balls with pork inside, sesame balls, steamed and baked pork buns, fried taro root, Chinese spare ribs, shrimp in rice noodles, radish cakes – really they have it all. I even established a new favorite, shrimp fried in potato nests. Plus, the flavors and preparations met my expectations: the fried treats – crisp and reasonably light and the savory fillings – delectable. Finally, we have a place with both quality with variety, and I walked out of there with the gut ache to prove it…


Blogger Dan said...

Yeah, I ate here today and it was great! My friend and I ate our fill for less than twenty dollars. And everything is ready-made so there's no waiting.

Highly recommended to all.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Mona said...

Cool, just found your post through kiplog's site. I live in the city as well and have started my own restaurant blog. I'm excited to try Kittichai now, a friend had recommended it to us and it seems you enjoyed it.
Take care!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Lexie said...

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4:45 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

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5:49 PM  
Blogger fuud said...

Thanks for posting this, we have been looking for a new dim sum joint -- the last time we went to the Golden Unicorn it was disappointing. The food is slipping and they are always out of the leek dumplings. We were frequently going for dim sum when my wife was pregnant, so it's funny that you mention going when you were at nine months.


11:09 AM  
Anonymous Danielle said...

Ping's Seafood has been my favorite for years, because although they may not have that much variety, they do make my favorite dishes - the long shrimp noodles and the pork dumplings with the thick, chewy mocchi wrappers - extremely well.

When I was in high school, we used to go to the place across the street on the corner all the time, though, because a waitress there seemed to have a crush on a friend of mine and would give us discounts.

I should try more new places, though, so thank you for the recommendation.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous gerald said...

If you liked Jing Fong, you have to make a trek out to Flushing and try Ocean Jewels Seafood Restaurant - by far, my favorite dim sum place in NYC.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Tyler said...

Come back! Please! Where did you go? do you still read food blogs? we just started our own food and recipe blog. Check us out!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

I second the suggestion for Ocean Jewel in Flushing. They're the only place in NYC so far that serve Stir-Fried Rice Rolls (kinda like the shrimp rice rolls without the filling).

5:31 PM  
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Anonymous Alfred said...

Why did you stop posting? As a local to NYC, blogs like this are very useful. Here's hoping you get an e-mail about my comment and are inspired to pick up your reviews again ;)

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Neilesh P. – Food Industry Afficonado said...

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